Loyalty Program

  • How can I earn leaves ?

    You can earn leaves by placing an order, CAN $1 will grant you 1 leaf. However, if you are a big customer this can go up to 2 leaves or 3 leaves depending on the tier you managed to join. Liking or sharing your page on instagram or facebook will also help you to earn leaves, referring our website...
  • How can I enter a new tier ?

    Everyone starts as a Seeder. However, after having spent or accumulated 5000 leaves, you will upgrade and become a gardener. After 10000 leaves, you will become a Master Grower. You will enjoy different advantages according to the tier you are. So at your marks, ready, steady, go !
  • How do I join the fidelity program?

    Just click on the little window at the bottom left of your screen. You will be able to join our community, and you will be awarded with 300 leaves !
  • I can't use a coupon I bought, is that normal ?

    Have you checked your basket? If you bought a CAN $10 off coupon, you can only use it on an order equal or superior to CAN $75. For a CAN $20 off coupon, it will be CAN $100 or more. For a CAN $50 off coupon, it will be CAN $300 or more.
  • What are the leaves?

    The leaves is the currency we provide you to get discounts and gifts on your future orders.